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REMA Global provides full service: project feasibility, financial modeling, and project and asset management for Multi-Family Apartments, Office, Retail Leasing and Condominiums and Town-homes.


Scopes of Services:

As careful stewards of capital, we strive to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors, the company in which we invest and society at large.

By making companies stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we can help create good jobs, support local communities, and ultimately secure the future of millions of people around the world.

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• Creation, customization, and implementation of real estate pro-formas and financial models for transaction of all types:

    • Development
    • Acquisition/Disposition
    • Refinancing
    • Fund-Level Modeling

• Financial due diligence/feasibility and highest and best use analysis

• Partnership structuring and profit partitioning analysis (preferred return, promote and waterfall dynamics)

• Auditing of financial models for accuracy


The Benefits of Financial Modeling

Create value and establish you for success. Understand what will drive extraordinary returns in each transaction, and prioritize efforts to achieve optimal results, even in a down market.


Avoid “deal infection”.  Every investor and developer can tell you stories of a time when the temptations of a bad deal were nearly irresistible. Don’t fall into this trap!  Good financial modeling is the reality check that we depend upon to remain consistently disciplined and successful.


Hone your story. Get more traction with lenders, investors and partners by demonstrating the soundness of an investment thesis with a professional analysis everyone can follow. Busy decision makers are constantly presented with new opportunities, so make the most of their limited time.


Go in with your eyes open. Evaluate and mitigate the risks inherent in each opportunity that a more superficial analysis fails to identify.


Keep your team on the same page. Avoid costly uncertainty and disagreements by accurately and objectively measuring the expenses and profits to be allocated to our partners and ourselves.