To Manage, Construct & Provide Management.





REMA Global provides understanding and clarity through the intricacies of an ever changing real estate cycle. Our objective is to make our clients more successful.

Our proprietary software helps facilitate the planning of your construction project from acquisition, renovation and operations right through to the ultimate disposition of your project.

Our primary role is to manage the entire process from the initial concept to the start of operations for the finished project. We work collaboratively with the owner and provide project management for the development team, plus serve asthe central point for communication, decision making, and offering strategic advice.


REMA’s financial modeling allows you to:

  • Create value and establish you for success.

  • Avoid “deal infection”.  

  • Hone your story.

  • Go in with your eyes open.

  • Keep your team on the same page.

Top investors and developers model their real estate investments with REMA.

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Rema Global President


Reginald Johnson, Sr., HCCP, M.B.A., CPM Candidate

Founder and President of Rema Global, LLC., Reginald Johnson, Sr., is an experienced executive with over 27 years of leadership in the banking and real estate industries. He has a strong background focusing on conventional, affordable and LIHTC acquisition, financial modeling, and asset management. His track record is a reflection of his ability to achieve measurable, high-quality results as a leader and teammate across varying assignments and in varying capacities.

He has led and delivered projects for public and private sector clients adding value in a broad range of specialties, including: commercial office, retail shopping centers, and residential mix used developments. He serves on various local, state, and national boards of director. He has a strong track record of planning, designing and implementing urban development projects. Skilled in project team development, integration and delivery strategies he is a team oriented, a creative problem solver with a record of leadership and results delivery.